Studying and services that promote employment

You may study while unemployed, and receive an earnings-related daily allowance if you agree on your studies with a TE Office. Notify the TE Office of all your studies before you begin or continue them.

You may complete studies that you began earlier, begin a completely new course of study, or participate in another service that promotes employment. Such services may include a variety of activities or training. If you have begun independent studies while employed, you may continue those studies when unemployed and still receive a daily unemployment allowance if the TE Office considers that your studies are a part time.

An earnings-related daily allowance may be paid once you have completed your studies, and you have fulfilled the membership and employment condition.

Daily unemployment allowance for services that promote employment

A daily allowance may be paid during services that promote employment that have been agreed upon with the TE Office. Such services include the following:

  • independent study
  • labour market training
  • job search training
  • work trials
  • career coaching

Paying a daily allowance requires a statement from the TE Office for the period prior to the services that promote employment. You must keep your jobseeker status valid during the training.

IAET-kassa will pay you the same daily allowance during your studies as when you were an unemployed jobseeker. You can also receive an increased earnings-related component and expense allowance. Exceptionally, a daily allowance may be paid while you are studying notwithstanding any suspension period or waiting period, even though all other restrictions on daily allowances remain in place.

If you are aged 60 or more and participate in a service that promotes employment, the time so spent will be counted towards fulfilling the employment condition.

Increased earnings-related component

The increased earnings-related component will be paid for a maximum of 200 days during your studies within the maximum period of daily unemployment allowance. If your maximum period is reset, a new 200 days of payment of the increased earnings-related component will be available. In order to be paid the increased earnings-related component, you must have agreed on your participation in training with the TE Office in your employment plan.

You may receive the increased earnings-related component during your studies even if you do not have study sessions on every weekday. This means that you can continue to receive the increased earnings-related component between study sessions or courses, for a maximum interval of 7 calendar days.

The amount of the increased earnings-related component is calculated from the wages on which your daily allowance is based.

For further information, see amount and duration of earnings-related allowance and Daily allowance calculator

Expense allowance

Expense allowance is tax-free income. It is payable when you participate in services that promote employment. Expense allowance amounts to € 9 per payment day. Increased expense allowance amounts to € 18 per payment day; this will be paid if your place of study is outside your commuting area or outside your home municipality, causing you to incur accommodation expenses.

Expense allowance will be paid for those days in which you attend studies. During independent studies and labour market training, expense allowance will also be paid for days of absence. Expense allowance will not be paid during holidays. If your independent studies began on or after 1 January 2017, you are not eligible for expense allowance.

Expense allowance will be paid for a maximum of 5 days per calendar week. However, expense allowance may be paid for 7 days per calendar week if you attend labour market training abroad. If you attend training abroad, the expense allowance that will be paid to you will be half of the per diem paid to central government civil servants.

Accrual towards maximum period during studies

You continue to accrue days towards the maximum period of your daily allowance during your studies. The daily allowance will be discontinued when the maximum period expires, even if you have not yet completed your studies. If your maximum payment period expires before your independent study or labour market training has ended, you will be paid labour market subsidy until the end of your studies.

During independent study and labour market training, your daily allowance will not be recalculated, and the maximum period cannot be reset even if you meet your employment condition. Your daily allowance can only be recalculated and the maximum period reset when you complete your studies.

Impact of absences on the daily allowance

You may be paid a daily allowance also for days when you are absent from independent study or labour market training. For all other studies, a daily allowance may only be paid for days of absence if the absence is due to:

  • disability (maximum absence 3 days, for 4 days or more a medical certificate is needed),
  • illness of a child aged under 10 (maximum absence 4 days),
  • job interview or similar employment-related reason.