Membership fee

IAET-kassa’s membership fee for 2018 is €87.

Bills for membership fees are sent to direct members in January or February. If you are a member through your trade union, your membership fee will be charged through your union, so if you have any questions about your membership fee, you should contact your union.

Membership fees are charged for the months during which you are a member. The fee is charged from the month you join, and, if you end your membership, you can request a refund for any calendar months during which you were not a member.

The membership fee is the same for everyone and you need to pay it even if you are unemployed, on maternity leave, on child care leave, in the army or a student. You cannot get a discount on your IAET-kassa membership fee or have your fee waived (unlike your union’s membership fee).

The amount of the membership fee is confirmed yearly in November/December, and changes are posted on IAET-kassa’s website. Unemployment funds report membership fee payments to the tax authorities on your behalf.