How do I apply for job alternation compensation?

  1. Submit your job alternation agreement and your replacement’s employment contract to the TE Office before your job alternation leave begins.
  2. Send your job alternation compensation application to IAET-kassa either as an attachment in eService, or by mail.

Application attachments

  • a copy of your job alternation agreement
  • statement of earnings for full salary periods for at least 52 weeks preceding the job alternation leave
  • possible updated tax card

During job alternation leave, you may not work for your own employer at all, but you may take part-time employment with another employer. In this case, the job alternation compensation will be adjusted. The standard entitlement of the earnings-related daily allowance is not applied to the adjustment of job alternation compensation.

Social benefits and other income received during the job alternation leave may also affect the amount of job alternation compensation. Declare to IAET-kassa all income that may have an impact on your job alternation compensation.

Job alternation leave is paid per calendar month retrospectively, for a maximum of 5 days per week. See the payment schedule.

Job alternation compensation will not be granted retrospectively for a period longer than 3 months before the application arrives to IAET-kassa, and will not be paid until a statement has been received on the matter from the TE Office.