Administration and personnel

IAET-kassa’s highest power of decision is exercised by the fund’s AGM, which is held once a year, usually in May. The Board is responsible for practical matters and has 13 members.

IAET-kassa board members in 2018

Board director, Veli-Pekka Nurmi
Teemu Hankamäki
Jaakko Kiiski
Ari Koskelin
Lasse Laurikainen
Jari Mellas
Ville-Veikko Rantamaula
Timo Ruoko
Kimmo Sandberg
Anja Uljas
Ari Viiala
Esa Vilhonen

Office personnel

The office in Pasila (Helsinki) is responsible for operations. There are 80 people working for IAET-kassa. About 60 of them are working with tasks related to customer service, applications for earnings-related allowance and decisions.

Fund Director, Outi Mäki
Financial Director, Panu Lavonen
Director of Service and Human Resources, Suvi Forssell
Director of Benefits, Anna-Stiina Luukkainen
Lawyer, Elina Johansson
Communications Managers, Melina Argillander and Heini Mynttinen
Chief Information Officer, Kirsi Liikkanen
Membership Information Manager, Jaana Seilo

Group Managers:
Kirsi Hyvärinen / Financial Recollection
Heidi Ruppa / Allowances
Mari Välimäki / Allowances
Marika Mäki-Ullakko / Service center

Organisation Diagram (in Finnish)