Check your eligibility for mobility allowance

The unemployment funds are paying out a new benefit called mobility allowance. The purpose of the new benefit is to support receiving work located at a longer commuting distance. Please inspect your entitlement to mobility allowance in case you receive a job with a travelling time of over 3 hours (full-time employment) or 2 hours (part-time employment) per day. Mobility allowance must be applied for prior to the beginning of the employment. Mobility allowance can be used to cover the costs of commuting or moving.

You can be entitled to mobility allowance, in case

  • you receive unemployment allowance directly preceding the beginning of your employment relationship
  • your new employment lasts for a minimum of 2 months
  • your working hours are a minimum of 18 hours per week (must be stated in the employment contract)
  • Travelling to and from work takes over 3 hours per day (full-time employment) or more than 2 hours per day (part-time employment)
  • You have applied for mobility allowance prior to starting your new work.

How to apply for mobility allowance

  • Submit a mobility allowance application (in Finnish) before your employment begins
  • Send your application at eService
  • Attach the employment contract to the application (the contract can be submitted afterwards)

Amount and duration

Mobility allowance equals to the basic unemployment allowance without child support supplement and increased component, which means that it will be a maximum of about €700 per month.

The allowance is paid for 5 days per week at the most from the beginning of the employment. The duration of payment depends on the duration of the employment relationship as follows:

Employment of 2 months: 30 days

Employment of 3 months: 45 days

Employment of 4 months: 60 days.

Mobility allowance is paid by the payment periods retrospectively. The mobility allowance is a taxable benefit.