Amount of adjusted daily allowance

In the adjusted daily allowance arrangement, your earned income will affect the amount of the daily allowance so that what you have earned is deducted from the full daily allowance. Your earnings-related unemployment allowance will nevertheless be paid in full if your income is below the standard entitlement. The standard entitlement is €300 for a month and €279 for a 4-week adjustment period. 50% of any amount of income in excess of the standard entitlement is deducted from the earnings-related unemployment allowance.

IAET-kassa takes care of subtracting the standard entitlement and calculating the adjusted income. The key thing is that you let the employment fund know all your income during the application period. Report all work for the application period, even if you will be paid for the work only later. Report all your income during the period for which you are applying daily allowance even if it is below the standard entitlement. Read more under adjusted income.

Specific factors concerning adjusted daily allowance